Summer Jams Vol. 3

This has been my toughest post yet. There has been so much good music coming out this time of year. Hours of production time in the cold months have paid its dues for tons of DJs. I apologize if I’ve missed some your favorites.

Bondax – All I See

If you don’t know Bondax by now, you wont forget them after this track. Bondax has been part of the recent British house invasion that has includes acts like Disclosure and Duke Dumont. Their new track is my vote for song of summer so far. A tropical banger that is perfect for any rooftop, poolside, or both, if you have cool friends.

Moon Boots – Whatever You Need

Moon Boots has been one of the best nu-disco DJs over the past couple years. He perfectly samples 90’s R&B tracks to create a futuristic yet soulful house sound. “In Whatever I Need”, he further cements his reputation atop the nu-disco food chain.

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (Lucas Chambon Remix)

I never thought Miley Cyrus could sound so smooth. Lucas Chambon proved me so wrong and so much more.

Ned Doheny – ‘To Prove My Love’ (Love Drop Edit)

A disco track from complete obscurity, “To Prove My Love” gets the perfect treatment from Love Drop. The baseline is sophisticated, yet so rich. This track will keep you grooving through the twilight hours.

Snakehips – Radio 1 Guestmix for Monki

Snakehips fantastically blends R&B, hip-hop, soul, disco and their own melting pot sound in this epic mix. Perfect for an afternoon of day drinking or a leisurely driving.

Octo Octa – Let Me See You

The other day, I ran into old friend and DJ, Octo Octa, who has been successfully touring around the world (I thought I’d give him a shout out). His slow, deep house sound is perfect for those sweaty warehouse parties you and your friends have been desperately trying to attend. “Let Me See You” is a lush and sexy banger. Sorry for the Youtube link on this one guys. Buy the track on iTunes!


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