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Bunny Michael Afterlyfe EP Release

February 18, 2018 @ 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Bunny Michael will be playing at Rough Trade – a great chance to get a front row seat to see her art up close.

From Rough Trade:

Born in Texas, Bunny Michael moved to New York City just in time for 9/11. Beginning with a collegiate study in acting and performance, music became the most obvious vehicle for the young artist’s need for expression. They created the rap project Bunny Rabbit, a louder and more beat based response to the DIY anti-folk movement of the early 00s. Dancing the line between profundity and raucous humor, their lyrics began to point toward a new agenda: universal healing, self love, and psychedelic wisdom. These principles began to consolidate into clear messaging, bleeding out into works of visual art, hand painted clothing, and meditative practices. Since the discontinuation of Bunny Rabbit in 2010, and a short lived collaborative project by the name of Twin Gemz, Michael has been working and performing solo. The debut record Rainbow Licker 2014, and the recently completed yet to be released follow up, Afterlyfe show a maturation of Michael’s artistic practice and new depths of inspiration and skill. In the past year Bunny has taken to new realms to deliver their gifts with a widely celebrated “meme project” on Instagram, wherein Bunny converses with their “Higher Self” and we are given an opportunity to observe a universal internal conflict that is the struggle to love one’s self. As Paper Magazine dubbed them one of America’s top 10 people “dedicating their lives to change” in 2017, Bunny’s art and Bunny’s activism become increasingly one in the same. Afterlyfe, Bunny Michael new E.P. will be released Feb. 14, 2018.