Flips, Edits, and New Sounds: Names to Know

Welcome to 2017, where remixes might as well drop before the official track is released. Every top 40 track comes with eleventy million remixes and edits, sometimes so poorly mixed you can’t get to the hook. Still, we like catching producers before they’re household names, and there are some gems. We’ve listed a few of our favorites here. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you want more, or if you have names to add to the list.


Future Indie Bounce and the Baile Flip

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what anything in that headline meant, but I think I’m starting to. Paul Mond has been somewhat quietly releasing flips that might reasonably be called mashups if it weren’t for the occasional sample-based breakdown. You can almost hear the tracks evolve in sophistication and detail – earlier tracks sound like experiments, the later come off as calculated and precise.

As if the latin samples and trap percussion weren’t enough to have you hooked, Mr. Mond seems to have his finger on the pulse of what happens to be the most remix-worthy track of the moment (or some throwback that’s totally worth reviving). Case in point:

I mean, the guy went as far as to flip Big Shaq. You can’t be mad at it.


Wantigga: The Dutch Touch

For a little background, Wantigga is the force behind an infectious remix of Just Friends that does the original Music Soulchild track justice – or at least seems to have worked for at least a million and a half people. He’s also one of the more recent additions to the Roche Musique clique, if he needs professional references.

Straight out of East Nether Nether-land, Wantigga infuses just enough energy to keep you bouncing without going overboard. His background as a multi-instrumentalist seems to be the secret behind his ability to layer sample-crafted melodies over catchy synth lines, like in his flip of Dwele’s Lady.

His most recent work is a compilation entitled Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, a reference to the famous Picasso painting. This collab from KLEAR demonstrates the potential when a group of interesting artists put their heads together, fusing a mix of sounds ranging from African to R&B and Disco. These kind of exciting projects are what keeps us so interested in what Wantigga’s got lined up next (hint, it’s his second EP, set to drop any day now).



Basically all we know about Krs. is that he’s a producer from Kingston, Jamaica and the founder of mysterious new collective @filmnoirsound. I think that’s about all we need to know once we hear hard-hitting remixes like this one of Roy Woods’ All Of You:

Like Mario? Like Soca sprinkles? Krs. blends the two effortlessly on a nautical remix of Let Me Love You. Or, you can slow it all the way down and catch the Noir Sound take on JT’s classic.

Krs. also released an album in February called Soca & Blues Vol. 1, which has a laidback trap dancehall feel that can’t exactly be described. Insert fire emoji here.


Talk to us on Twitter if you liked these, and if you have others to add to our list.