MyFreeConcert is the best way to discover free and inexpensive shows, parties, and events in your area. We find the best concerts, DJ sets, parties, ticket giveaways, gallery openings, art installations, poetry slams, and open bars so you can always find something to do without going broke.

Founded in 2010, MyFreeConcert has offered New York City a guide to the best free concerts, DJ sets, gallery openings, ticket giveaways, open bars, and more. We’re expanding to provide the same free event curation in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and beyond.

The events on our listings are hand-picked by our team – we filter out the noise – so that you can quickly find the best events in your area. Events typically fall into three categories:

Open Door

These events are free with open entry. Usually, they’re first-come, first-serve, so you will need to arrive early, but anybody can show up and get in; at least until they reach capacity.

RSVP Events

For these events, you need to RSVP with the event organizer (typically an Email address will suffice), which puts you on their list. Usually, you will still need to show up early and wait in line, but as long as you’ve RSVPed and get there early enough, you’ll get in.

Ticket Giveaways

The Holy Grail of free concerts – lucky winners of our ticket giveaways see shows everybody else pays for! Make sure you keep an eye on our Ticket Giveaways Page for the latest chances to win.

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